Groups help you stick with Jesus at Impact!

You can jump in a group anytime, but twice a year we focus on 110% of Impact getting in a group. That's right... even if you do not attend Impact or even go to church, groups are for you.

Welcome to groups at Impact! Groups are what help you become a person people love to be around for the glory of God! You will make new friends and grow like never before. Whether it's a long-term purpose group or a topic group, you will find a way to connect and grow at Impact.

Now is a great time to get in a group as we begin 2024.

How to Register Online

1. Click on the link to choose your style of group (Purpose, Topic or Mentorship).
2. Browse groups and then choose your group.
3. Click Request to Join and fill out your information. 
4. Utilize the link in the description to purchase your course materials.
5. Your group begins the week of September 17th on your time/day. Directions will be provided if it is a home. 
1. What if I have never been in a group? We are here to help you in your walk with God no matter what. It is a blessing to help if you have never taken the next step past Sunday morning into a smaller environment. Your first step into groups will be a fun step at Impact!
2. Can I get om a group quickly if I have never been to Impact? Absolutely! Just visit the What's Next Center after worship on a Sunday. You, your friends and/or family are welcome here. You will love what God does in your life and the people you will meet through Impact.
3. Is there childcare? Sunday evening groups run concurrently with Impact Kids from 6:00-7:30PM with nursery available upon request. Wednesday night groups run concurrently with Impact Students (grades 6-12). You must secure your own childcare for all other groups.
4. Is there something for my age group? Topic groups will be multi-generational. Want to make friends across every age group? Choose a topic group. Purpose groups lean more toward age and stage.
5. Is there a cost? Many groups have materials that have a cost, but some are not required (see descriptions). You can purchase your material online via the link(s) provided in the group description. One thing is for sure, we do not want money to be the reason you stay out of a group. Let us know at the What's Next Table on Sundays.
6. Can I sign-up in person? Yes! Sunday, September 17th is your opportunity to meet leaders, preview materials and sign-up. A hard copy groups brochure will be available beginning Sunday, September10th.
7. When do groups begin? All groups begin the week of Sunday, September 17th on the day and time you have chosen.
8. What if I'm having trouble registering online? Click the button below and email us. We'll get you set up.

The Upstate Community is Welcome Here.

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How will you grow to begin 2024?
Get in a spiritual Rhythm. 

You don't have to be a member or even a Christian to join a group! Our groups meet in comfortable environments throughout the week in our community. The best opportunities to join a new group are in January and September. God's design is for you to be in community!